COMM3400/INFO3400 "Personal Relationships and Technology"

This course examines relationships formed through computer-mediated interpersonal communication. It focuses on how people manage interactions and identities, develop interpersonal relationships, and engage in collaboration and conflict in technologically mediated environments (email, instant messaging, blogs, online dating websites, social networking sites). The overall goal for this course is to connect current thinking in relational communication with human behavior on the Internet. Emphasis is on how current theories of interpersonal communication can explain and anticipate interpersonal dynamics on the Internet, but also on how online communication and its novel features can shed light on traditional communication and psychological principles of relationship science.

COMM640 "Human Communication and Technology"

This course is designed to provide an in-depth overview of theory and research in interpersonal communication. The main objective of this doctoral seminar is to give students opportunities to engage with foundational interpersonal communication theories and explore their utility to computer-mediated contexts. We will be covering a variety of theories and topics, including the nature of interpersonal communication, relational approach to communication, social-cognitive aspects of interpersonal communication, relationship development and maintenance, as well as ways of theorizing about interpersonal communication and conducting interpersonal research.